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Norris Associates provides high quality computer expert witness and other expert witness services to the legal community and management and technology consultants to business and industry.

Expert Witness Services   Engineering & Software

Expert Witnesses Who CAN!
Let's Face It!  Just having the facts on your side won't win any cases... unless the facts are explained clearly and understandably to the Court and the Jury AND unless the explanation holds up under Cross Examination!  Mr. Norris and our Associates specialize in explaining complex concepts in easily accessible terms -- and successfully defending those explanations in Cross Examination by opposing counsel.

Software Taxation [Microsoft Corp v. IRS]
Patent Infringement
Copyright Infringement
Trade Secret Misappropriation
Software Contract Performance
Appropriate Software Industry Compensation
Software Company Valuation

Smart Cookies!
Norris Associates maintains a suite of software engineers and managers in the US, Costa Rica, Russia, and Ukraine with experience on over 100 successful projects over the last 20 years, including compilers,  databases, MRP systems, medical and legal systems, embedded code, telephony, voice recognition, cockpit software, games,  encryption, voice compression, graphics, animation, web banking, stock market applications, and educational applications.
We're Not Just About Software, Either!
Many of our Associates are renown leaders in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.  Have a requirement?  Contact us!

Domestic Resources
Offshore Resources

Environmental Consulting

We Like To Think the World's a Little Cleaner Because of Our People!
Our staff totals decades of experience in work with major impacts, such as the Oil Spill Contingency and Emergency Plans [OSCEPs] for the oil platforms in California's Santa Barbara Channel, one of the most sensitive areas in the world.  Can we help you make a cleaner world?

Plan and Report Preparation
Regulatory Audit
Representation Before Regulatory Boards
Public Affairs

Management Consulting


Management and Technology Consultants Who've BEEN THERE!
From organizational expertise for growing companies, to outsourcing special projects, to Turnaround Specialists, we can provide a broad range of services.  And, yes... we DO write business plans, we DO write proposals, we DO shareholder and public relations!

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